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The Pogues – Boys from the County Hell (Banjo)

Artist:The pogues Song:Boys from the county hell tabbed by:mando punk Intro: D—————————————————————–| B–0-3-5—5-5-5-3-0—0-3-5—5-5-5-3-5—5-5-5-3-0————–| G——————————————————4-2-0——| D————————————————————-4-2-| G—————————————————————–| D—————————————————————–| B—————————————————————–| G—————————————————————–| D—–4——–2————————————————–| G–5—5—4—4–2———————————————–| Chords are: Em On the first day of march it was raining Am It was raining worse than anything … Continue reading

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Really good site for different tunings and other things Banjo/Mando related over at The section on tuning a tenor banjo is particularly useful.

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The Pogues – Navigator (Banjo – 5 String)

The Pogues – Navigator Rum Sodomy And The Lash Tabbed by goodbar Intro: d|———————-0—| B|———————-0—| G|—-0-2-4-5-4-2-0—–0—| D|–0—————2-4-0—| g|————————–| Verse and chorus: |G-|CG|G-|CD| |G-|CG|GC|DG| Banjo Solo: d|——————————————————–| B|————————————–4-7-4—4———| G|–7-9-7——-5-9–7—————-5——-5—5-7-5—| D|——–9-5-5——-10-9-7-3—3-0———————-| g|——————————————————–| or…. d|————————————-1-4-1—1———| B|–3-5-3-0—–1-5–3-1-0———–1——-0—0-3-0—| G|———-0-0————2—————————–| D|—————————3–3-0———————-| g|——————————————————-| or…. d|–0-2-0———2——————–1-4-1—1—0—–| B|——–0—–1—-3-1-0———–1——-0—0—0—| G|———-0-0————2—————————–| … Continue reading

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